Spine Clinics


Spinal conditions are among the most common reasons people seek medical attention.

The good news is that most neck or low back pain (including sciatica) will improve within three months with a combination of non-surgical treatments that your family physician can recommend (examples: modified activities, physical therapy, over-the-counter medications and time).

Just because you have degenerative changes on your x-rays does not mean you need an MRI or need to see a surgeon.  Before asking for an MRI or surgical consultation, please see an experienced physiotherapist in your community for their opinion.

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Alberta Clinics

Rehabilitation Advice Line – Province Wide

Spine Triage and Access Clinic – Calgary

Caleo Health Spine Triage Clinic – Calgary

Spine Assessment Clinic – Edmonton

Manitoba Clinics

Winnipeg Spine Program

British Columbia Clinics

Brenda and David McLean Integrated Spine Clinic – Vancouver

G.F. Strong Rehabilitation Centre

Ontario Clinics

Rapid Access Clinics for Low Back Pain (Province Wide)

Saskatchewan Clinics 

Spine Pathway – Provider Information

Spine Pathway – Patient Information

Nova Scotia Clinics

Canada East Spine Centre