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What could I have injured?

What should I do?

Do I need to see a physician?

Do I need to get an x-ray?

Do I need to see a specialist?

What things should I watch out for?

What can I be doing at home to help myself?

What things should I avoid doing at home?

Is it safe to do activity ‘x’ yet?

Are there exercises I should or shouldn’t be doing?






Made in Alberta Solution


Albertans can now video conference with one of Canada’s most experienced Orthopaedic Physiotherapists without leaving home from any internet connected device anywhere in the world.

Meet Terry Kane

Terry Kane is one of Canada’s most experienced orthopaedic physiotherapists with over 30 years of clinical experience with orthopaedic surgeons, sports medicine physicians and chronic pain physicians.  Terry is also the owner and founder of Canada’s only national online Orthopaedic Network – which includes 

Since 1985, Terry has worked with some of the top orthopaedic surgeons, sports medicine physicians and chronic pain specialists in Canada and the United States. A graduate of the University of Toronto, former Canadian Olympic Hockey Team and Calgary Flames physiotherapist, Terry has over 30 years of clinical experience in diagnosing and designing evidenced based rehab programs for thousands of orthopaedic patients, including over 500 Olympic and professional athletes.

In addition, Terry has worked at the University of Calgary Sports Medicine Centre, the Calgary Chronic Pain Centre, provided primary care physiotherapy services for Calgary West Central Primary Care Network as well as provided home care physiotherapy services in Calgary for over a decade.




Terry Kane’s Professional Experiences


      1. Served as Head Physical Therapist for the Calgary Flames and Canada’s Olympic Men’s Ice Hockey Team,
      2. Lectured internationally on exercise based rehabilitation for over twenty years (i.e. American College of Sports Medicine, etc)
      3. Lectured on physical therapy for the University of Calgary Department of Orthopaedics as well as Department of Continuing Medical Education.
      4. Served as Injury Analysis Consultant to the National Hockey League’s Injury Analysis Panel.
      5. Served as a contributing developer & instructor of a MainPro-C Course on “Chronic Pain for Family Physicians” for the University of Calgary Department of Continuing Medical Education.
      6. Served as a contributing author “Foundations of Personal Training”: Human Kinetics, 2008 (ISBN-13:9781450441322)
      7. Served as editorial peer reviewer for the Physician and Sportsmedicine,  the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine and Pain Research and Management Journal.
      8. Served a volunteer member  of Alberta’s Bone and Joint Strategic Clinical Network Committee.


Appointment Information


      1. This service is currently restricted to Alberta residents only.  Our service will be expanding across Canada in 2019.
      2. Terry Kane is a registered physiotherapist in Alberta.
      3. A physician referral is not required to see Terry.
      4. This service is private and not covered by Alberta Health Services.
      5. A video conference is not a substitute for a face-to-face assessment – however is recognized as an accepted option for patients who(a)  do not have a local physiotherapist, (b) cannot travel to a physiotherapist or (c) in circumstances where weather conditions prevent a face-to-face appointment.
      6. A video conference via a desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone is preferred over a telephone call because of the ability for Terry  to observe a given joint or specific movements (example: walking)
      7. All appointments  are thirty minutes in duration.
      8. All video conferences and telephone consults are booked online.  See below to book an appointment on this page.
      9. The fee for a 30 minute video conference or telephone consult is $30.00 (no GST).
      10. Official receipts will be provided for all appointments.
      11. No payment is required to book an appointment.


Please note the following patients should be seen by a healthcare provider face-to-face.

      1. Patients with injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents.
      2. Patients with injuries resulting from work-related accidents (WCB).
      3. Patients involved in legal litigation with respect to their injuries or condition.
      4. Patients on short or long disability insurance related to a condition or injury.


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