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“Getting the right patient to the right place at the right time, every time should be the goal of the triage system and triage team.”

Dr. Cy Frank, Orthopaedic Surgeon (1949-2015)


Unfortunately there are consequences to delayed or inaccurate triaging that can result in inappropriate care, permanent disability, chronic pain and dependency on pain medications.

To reduce these consequences and prevent the spread of COVID-19,  telehealth services are now considered the safest method of triaging orthopaedic conditions.

A telehealth appointment is not considered a substitute for a face-to-face appointment but is considered better than no appointment at all – especially for those living in communities without easy access to a local orthopaedic physiotherapist or surgeon.

Example: Over 95% of all physiotherapists in Canada reside in 8% of Canada’s land mass, leaving thousands of rural Canadians at an increased risk of inappropriate triaging leading to permanent disability.