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Hip and Knee Replacement Data 

In 2020-2021 there were 55,300 hip replacements and 55,285  knee replacements performed in Canada. This was a reduction of 12.9% for hip replacements and 26.4% for knee replacements from 2019-2020.  

During the COVID-19 pandemic, 48,000 fewer hip and knee replacements were done in the past 2 fiscal years.


56% of hip replacements and 57% of knee replacements were performed on females in 2020-2021.


The most common age group for hip replacements was 75 years and older with 43.9% in males and 31.4%in females.

The most common age group for knee replacements was 64 to 74 years with 42.4% in males and 41.5% in females.


The most common diagnosis for primary hip replacements was osteoarthritis at 69.4% of all patients – the second most common diagnosis was an acute hip fracture at 26.4%.

The most common diagnosis for primary knee replacements was osteoarthritis at 99% of all patients.

Hospital Stay

The average length of stay for a hip or knee replacement in 2020-2021 was 3.8 days.


The average cost of a hip or knee replacement hospitalization in 2020-2021 was $11,793 which was 11.9% higher than in 2019-2020.

In 2020–2021, the hospital-related cost of hip and knee replacements (including physician cost and excluding rehabilitation costs) was $1.3 billion.  This cost was $157 million dollars lower than 2019-2020 because of a 20.2. % reduction in the total number of replacements performed.


Canadian  Institute for Health Information. Hip and Knee Replacements in Canada: CJRR Annual Report, 2020–2021. Ottawa, ON: CIHI; 2022.

Cette publication est aussi disponible en français sous le titre Arthroplasties de la hanche et du genou au Canada : rapport annuel du RCRA, 2020-2021.
ISBN 978-1-77479-129-5 (PDF)

To read a copy  of the 2020-2021 Hip and Knee Replacements Report, click here.

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