Shoulder Replacement Surgery

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Because there can be complications during or after surgery – a shoulder replacement is NOT the first treatment option –  it’s the LAST option.



Surgeons don’t judge you – instead they judge your referral letter (written by your physician) to determine “if” you need to be seen and “when”.


If your letter doesn’t contain specific information (that a surgeon is looking for) you may not be offered an appointment.



Things that a surgical referral letter for arthritic shoulder pain and disability should include; 

  1. A shoulder x-ray report from within the last 12 months that indicates moderate to severe osteoarthritis that correlates with the location of your shoulder pain and disability (ie. AC joint vs GH joint)  
  2.  A statement from your physician describing and confirming that you have tried all appropriate pain management options for your health profile, without any improvement in your pain-free function. (ie. over-the-counter pain medications, prescription oral and topical pain medications, joint injections). 
  3. A letter from a experienced orthopaedic physiotherapist confirming that you have participated in a supervised shoulder rehab program for at least three months with no improvement in your pain-free function AND states that your physio endorses a surgical consult for a possible shoulder replacement. 
  4. Click here and complete an orthopaedic quality of life questionnaire and include it with your referral letter.
  5. A statement from your physician describing your past and current medical status, allergies and medications.


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