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“The foundation of success in managing musculoskeletal injuries is the restoration of anatomy, not exercise.  Much like baking a cake, taking it out of the oven early and icing it is a recipe for failure.  Premature loading of repair tissue with exercise, is prejudiced to cause re-injury, delay healing and potentially permanent disability.” – Terry Kane


“The science of successful rehabilitation is selecting exercises that are safe and appropriate at a given stage of tissue healing in a given patient.   As repair tissue matures and gains tensile strength it creates the opportunity for progressive loading and new exercises.” – Terry Kane


“Your best employee is at the highest risk of a repetitive strain injury because they don’t stop because of pain. They just keep on going.  Unfortunately, when they do finally report their pain, it’s often too late and consequently results in long term pain and disability.” – Terry Kane 


“There is no joint that I can’t make worse through surgery and for this reason, that’s why surgery is always the last treatment option and only considered after exhausting every non-surgical treatment.” – Anon Orthopaedic Surgeon.