Private Orthopaedic Surgery


Private Orthopaedic Surgery



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Things to consider before making a decision to pursue private surgery.


#1 Just because an out-of-province surgeon reviews your medical file (in their office in another city), does not mean that you will be offered surgery when you meet them face-to-face.   Only after a surgeon physically examines you face-to-face  can they confirm you meet the criteria for surgery.

#2 Even though surgeons are highly trained and skilled,  even the smallest surgery can result in complications and leave patients worse than they were before surgery (i.e. infections, etc).

#3 Just because you have surgery performed out-of-province, does not eliminate the risk of complications. Complications can occur in any hospital in the world.

#4 You will be asked to sign documents confirming that you were educated by your surgeon of other treatment options, the risks of surgery and that you accepted the risks of undergoing surgery out-of-province  rather than pursuing other treatment options. 

#5  Surgery is not the finish line, rehabilitation is. Ask for a copy of the surgeons rehab protocol before surgery so you can establish realistic timelines of what you will be able to do and when.  This will help you set realistic expectations for returning to daily activities, work and recreational activities.

#6 If you undergo out-of-province surgery and experience a complication – after you return home – you can expect that you will be asked to follow up with the surgeon who performed the surgery and possibly travel to see them for a follow-up visit (at your expense).  The surgeon who performed surgery is always the best person to answer your questions and solve any problems you may have.

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