Private Orthopaedic Surgery

Private Orthopaedic Surgery


Although I believe the public healthcare system in Canada is the best in the world, I respect the right of all Canadians to make the best treatment decisions for themselves,, regardless of where the health services are offered in the world. 

I also think it's important for patients to educate themselves so they can make the most informed decision. 

While accelerating access is an important consideration for patients on long wait lists, the reality is there is much more information to consider in making a decision to proceed with  private surgery in Canada or outside of Canada.  

This web page is designed to help Canadians to make the most informed decision on whether to proceed with orthopaedic surgery.

The videos that appear on this page are for educational purposes only and copied from YouTube.

The appearance of a video on this web page does not represent an endorsement of the content or the presenter.

I have no business relationship with any private surgical facility or orthopaedic surgeon to disclose.

Terry Kane, Registered Physiotherapist (Calgary, AB)

Owner / Founder,

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