Private Orthopaedic Surgery

Private Orthopaedic Surgery


Surgery of any kind is always the last option.

Even though surgeons are highly trained and skilled,  even the smallest surgery can result in complications and leave patients worse off than they were before surgery (i.e. infections, permanent stiffness, chronic pain, etc).

Just because you have surgery performed out-of-province, does not eliminate the risk of complications. Complications can occur in any hospital in the world.

Because of the potential risks to your health, surgeons always want to know that (1) you’ve exhausted all other non-surgical treatment options,  (2) you’re medically healthy enough to undergo surgery , (3)  you’re prepared to do the necessary rehabilitation after surgery for six months or longer and (4) you’re willing to accept the risks that you may be worse after surgery.  

Just because you’re accepted – over the telephone or by email –  to see an out-of-province surgeon, does not mean that you will be offered surgery at your visit.

Only after a surgeon has physically examined you in their office can they determine if you would benefit from surgery and when.

This web page is designed to help Canadians to make the most informed decision on whether to proceed with orthopaedic surgery of any kind and help answer questions you may have or want to ask.

The videos that appear on this page are for educational purposes only and copied from YouTube.

The appearance of a video on this web page does not represent an endorsement of the content or the presenter.

I respect the rights of all Canadians to make the most informed healthcare decisions for themselves…… the emphasis being on the words  “most informed”.  Don’t be shy.  Ask questions and do your research.

I have no business relationship with any private surgical facility or orthopaedic surgeon to disclose.

Terry Kane, Registered Physiotherapist |


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