Private Orthopaedic Surgery

Private Orthopaedic Surgery

Seven things you need to know before making a decision to pursue private surgery.


  1. Despite abnormal x-rays and MRIs, there is research published every year showing that surgery is not required for many soft tissue injuries. For this reason, surgery is only considered after exhausting all non-surgical options first.
  2. Even though surgeons are highly trained and skilled,  even the smallest surgery can result in complications and leave patients worse than they were before surgery (i.e. infections, permanent stiffness, chronic pain, etc).
  3. Just because you have surgery performed out-of-province, does not eliminate the risk of complications. Complications can occur in any hospital in the world.
  4. Your surgeon is obligated to inform you of the risks of surgery before you decide to proceed. You will be asked to sign documents confirming that you were educated by your surgeon and that you accept the risks of surgery. This is a universal practice among all surgeons .
  5. Only after a surgeon has physically examined you in their office can they determine if you would benefit from surgery and that you meet the medical criteria to proceed safely to surgery.Just because you’re accepted to see an out-of-province surgeon  does not mean that you will be offered surgery.
  6. If you travel out-of- province or Canada for surgery,  you can expect that you will have to return to the surgeon who performed surgery for follow up care or direction.  The best person to provide you with post-operative education and advice on your care is the surgeon who performed the surgery.  This is why you will be told to return to the surgeon who performed your surgery.
  7. Surgery is not the finish line.  While surgery may restore or repair an anatomical structure, it will not make your muscles stronger. Depending on the surgical procedure, you will be asked to see a physiotherapist and to perform rehab exercises daily potentially for months or longer. For more information on post-op care click here.


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Terry Kane, Registered Physiotherapist  (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)


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