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The goal of orthopaedic triage is to ensure that patients with orthopaedic injuries or conditions are on the right clinical pathway to (1)  receive the most appropriate treatment in a timely fashion and (2) to achieve the best possible result /  outcome.

The first step in the triage process is seeing a licensed medical doctor to rule out any number of serious conditions that may warrant urgent medical treatment (a fracture, an infection, etc).

Published research by the University of British Columbia Department of Orthopaedics (2013)  found that experienced orthopaedic physiotherapists were 4x better at identifying patients requiring orthopaedic surgery than family physicians and emergency room physicians.

Experienced orthopaedic physiotherapists across Canada triage and treat orthopaedic conditions everyday, that do not require prescription medications, MRIs or orthopaedic consults.   If an x-ray is required, many orthopaedic physiotherapists can order an x-ray without seeing a physician.

Given that 95% of all physiotherapists in Canada live in 8% of Canada's landmass, this means there are many Canadians without access to a local physiotherapist or surgeon to conduct a face-to-face triage assessment.

Without easy access to a local  experienced  physiotherapist, many Canadians are considered to be at an increased risk of (1) a delayed or inaccurate diagnosis as well as (2) delayed, inappropriate or inadequate treatment for their injury or condition.

Although a face-to-face physical examination with a licensed healthcare professional is considered the best option, there is general acceptance that - in the absence of easy access to a local physiotherapist - a telehealth consultation is considered better than no assessment or consultation at all.

The opportunity to talk  with an experienced  orthopaedic physiotherapist not only (1) improves access to qualified professional help to answer questions but also (2) helps to reduce the risk of a delayed diagnosis or delayed treatment.


Terry Kane, Orthopaedic Physiotherapist

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Terry Kane, Orthopaedic Physiotherapist, BPHE, BSC(PT)

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