Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee Replacement Surgery


Do you need a knee replacement?


  1. Does your x-ray report include the word  “severe” knee joint space narrowing?  YES / NO
  2. Do you currently use a cane, crutches or walker on a daily basis to reduce your knee pain?  YES / NO
  3. Do you climb or descend stairs one at time because of your knee pain?  YES / NO
  4. Do you  require holding onto a handrail on stairs because of your knee pain?  YES / NO
  5. Does your knee pain increase in intensity with walking less than three city blocks? YES / NO
  6. Would a friend or family member describe your walking speed as “much slower” than it was a year ago?  YES / NO
  7. Are you taking more pain medications on daily basis,  for your knee pain,  than you did a year ago? YES / NO
  8. Have you undergone more than one cortisone injection for your knee pain without any reduction in your pain? YES / NO

If you DID NOT answer “YES” to  all questions,  then it’s unlikely you would be offered a knee replacement if you saw a surgeon today.


Post Surgical Rehabilitation


The resources below may help you to identify questions you want to ask your surgeon when you meet them.

Ultimately, you will get more detailed information from your surgeon that may be different that the information provided in the resources below.

After your surgery, I invite you to share your experiences by completing our post-surgical survey.

Terry Kane, Physiotherapist |

Alberta Knee Replacement Guide 

Sunnybrook Hospital (Toronto)  – Knee Replacement Exercise Booklet

Vancouver Costal Health – Knee Replacement Exercise Guide

Saskatchewan – Knee-Replacement Post-Op Exercise Book


The following videos are presented for educational purposes only and have been taken from YouTube.  We do not endorse the presenters nor their respective surgical facilities.

Knee Replacement: An Overview by Dr. Mary O’Connor


Knee Replacement: Dr. Mary O’Connor Discusses the Surgical Procedure

Knee Replacement: Dr. Mary O’Connor Reviews the Rehabilitation and Expectations

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