Homecare Physiotherapy

Homecare Physiotherapy In Orthopaedics

Homecare physiotherapy is designed to help individuals improve their;

  • joint mobility
  • muscular strength
  • balance
  • self-confidence to move and remain active
  • physical and social function
  • quality of life
  • independence


Homecare physiotherapists help individuals with a variety of orthopaedic conditions including;

  • Post-surgical joint replacement rehab
  • Post-surgical fracture rehab
  • Fall Prevention Exercises
  • Reconditioning exercises after discharge from hospital.

If you or someone you know has an bone or joint condition that prevents them fromĀ  attending clinic based physiotherapy, thenĀ  don’t hesitate to ask your physician or surgeon for a referral for home care physiotherapy services in your community.

Terry Kane, Registered Physiotherapist (Calgary, Alberta)


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