Self Manage Your Orthopaedic Injury or Condition

September 4th, 2017


Self management refers to actions that a patient can take to reduce their symptoms and / or improve their functional capacity.

Educating patients on self management strategies is a prerequisite in (1) empowering patients that they can reduce their symptoms,  (2)  engaging patients into taking action to help themselves and (3) reducing dependency on medications and treatments.

“What can I do to reduce my pain?”

“What can I do to improve my function?”

This webpage is designed to help educate Canadians on self management strategies by asking the experts – Canadian surgeons and physiotherapists –  to share their ideas on the two questions listed above.  There is no other group of people as educated, knowledgeable and respected than orthopaedic surgeons and physiotherapists to answer these two questions.

If you’re a surgeon or physiotherapist,  I invite you to email me at the address below for more information.

Please note that only Canadian orthopaedic surgeons and physiotherapists are invited to contribute.

Thank you for your time.

Terry Kane, Registered Physiotherapist / Owner, Network.


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