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How do we improve the standard of non-surgical orthopaedic care in Canada?

How do we reduce premature or inappropriate surgical referrals from clogging wait lists with patients who don’t need to see a surgeon?

How do we improve the standard of post-surgical orthopaedic care in Canada?



The OrthopaedicsCanada.com Network is designed  to survey Canadians and collect public input (data) to help answer key questions like those above.

We thank orthopaedic surgeons across Canada who encourage their patients to complete the survey on this website (see below).

Through launching  additional websites such as OrthopaedicPhysiotherapy.com and  OrthopaedicTriage.com we’ll be posting different surveys.

The network  is privately owned and operated by Calgary Registered Physiotherapist Terry Kane. 

OrthopaedicsCanada.com has no affiliation with any national or provincial orthopaedic, governing body or association.

Terry Kane has no business or professional relationship with any orthopaedic surgeon, surgical clinic or orthopaedic organization.

Please be advised that we do not provide administrative services for any surgeon listed in our directories. If you have a question for a specific surgeon, please contact the surgeon’s office directly – we do not reply nor do we forward emails sent to us for surgeons.




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